Q. Is the listed prices for one user? Are there discounts for multiple users?

A. YES! This training course is brand new and we are developing multiple user solutions to provide more options. The prices currently listed are for 1 user. And the price is per user. For multiple users, please contact us.


Q. How long do I have to take the course?

A. There are no deadlines or expiration dates. As long as you maintain your monthly subscription charge, you can access the course at any time, day or night. And you can take as long as you need to complete the course.


Q. Why do I need to pay a monthly subscription fee? Shouldn’t the initial enrollment charge be enough?

A. The first answer to this question is that new video segments and material will be added to this course constantly in the future.

Second, no training course in these very specialized fields is timeless. In other words, the Insurance Restoration Industry changes yearly, monthly and in some ways even weekly. What makes Chad Michael a “Practitioner” is the fact the he continues to be an operator in this industry NOW. He prides himself on staying relevant by continuing to learn and be a student himself. You can be assured that with this course, you will always stay up to date on the most current and relevant strategies and tactics available anywhere.

And finally, as you may already be aware, although training is extremely limited in this industry, there are similar training courses available elsewhere. You will find that Chad Michael has made the IES Certification course available to almost anyone by providing access for just a fraction of the cost, compared to most training courses out there.


Q. When do I get access to the training course?

A. You will be emailed login credentials to your user account immediately upon enrollment.


Q. How long is the training?

A. The initial release of the Level 1 IES Practitioner Training Course contains over 30 video segments of training, written materials, testing and more.


Q. What is included in the training?

A. The initial release of the Level 1 IES Practitioner Training Course contains over 30 video segments of training, written materials, testing, 27 Xactimate estimate examples, for a, templates, access to a secret, private Facebook Mastermind Group, a signed completion certificate and more. The chapters are listed in detail above, as well as the segments contained within.


Q. When do I get access to the secret, private Facebook Mastermind Group?

A. You will receive an email with an invite after completing enrollment.


Q. Does this training course include Xactware or Xactimate certification?

A. NO! This course is not an Xactimate training course. Instead, it is designed to learn advanced strategies and techniques that aren’t typically included in normal Xactimate training. The methods taught in this course are to designed mostly for the role of a contractor and not as an adjuster. However, Chad Michael has valuable relationships with accredited Xactimate training providers, and should you need standard training, please contact us and we will get you connected.


Q. What if I don’t want to pay for training? Do you have any other resources available?

A. YES! Chad Michael has spent years pouring himself out to the general public with free and valuable information. He has tried to provide as much as possible without the need for monetization until now. He has videos which you can watch for free on his YouTube channel here: Insurance Restoration Training on YouTube

And he will continue to upload new content to this channel. What makes the training course different and unique is that it drills down into the most crucial subjects and covers them extensively in a structured manner, with much more depth, details, testing, and other practical tools such as forms, estimate examples, access to a community, etc.


Q. How can I access the training course? Do I have to login from only certain kinds of devices?

A. NO! You can access the training course from any smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc), tablet, PC, Mac or even your Smart TV. There are no excuses left! 😉


Q. If I’m not satisfied, how do I get my money back?

A. What other training courses out there actually offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee? This is something that Chad Michael has confidence enough to provide. And there are extremely reasonable terms spelled out very clearly in the Terms and Conditions policy located here: Terms and Conditions


Q. How do you treat my privacy? Do you share or sell my contact info to other parties?

A. NO WAY! We treat your privacy very seriously and we would never sell or share your information to anyone. We have very clear Privacy Terms, located here: Privacy Policy


Q. Can Chad Michael provide custom one on one training for me and/or my team?

A. Absolutely! To book Chad Michael for private training, consulting and/or speaking engagements, please contact us.


Q. How can I hire Chad Michael to handle my Inspections, Estimates and/or Supplements?

A. Please visit