Welcome to another episode of The Practitioner Podcast! Xactimate pays significantly less and is not correct in many of its default trade settings in estimates for: RFG vs DMO, INS vs DMO, DRY vs DMO and much more. Xactimate trade differences pay less.

Knowing how to manually correct these line items in Xactimate after consuming Xactimate Sketch training is only part of the problem however. It doesn’t mean that the insurance carrier will approve your Xactimate roofing estimate including o&p, for example.

But following a strategy, along with your Xactimate training, for how to end up at an approval is what’s most important. Learn how in this insurance restoration podcast.

Insurance Restoration Training at its best.

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Strategy. Consistency. Diligence. Dedication. And most importantly of all, putting in the HARD WORK… that’s REQUIRED… to WIN IN THIS GAME!

I’ll see you at the top!

– Chad Michael

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